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Country Knitting Of Maine News & Views
2022-2023 Volume 17

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Volume 17 Issue # 1
Page 1 : Cover Page
Page 2: Colored Pictures
Page 3: Introduction
Page 4 : Contents
Page 5: Abbreviations & Info

Page 6/7: Hat Contest Info

Page 8/18: The Answer Lady’s
Spa Robe -By: Kathryn Doubrley
Size: 42, 46, 50 54”
Machine: Any bulky, no ribber needed

Page 19/20: Babies Hat - By: Helen Fox
Standard Gauge Machine
Sizes 0 to 3 months

Page 21/26: Festive Feet Single Bed Socks For Men - By : Kathryn Doubrley
Any standard gauge machine, no ribber required
Sizes: (Shoe size) 7, 8, 9,

Page 27: Baby Bonnet - By: Margaret Gray
Make on the LK150 machine

Page 28: Versatile Top - By: Judith Hirsch
Bulky Machine - no ribber

Page 29: Baby Hat - By Margaret Gray
Size 2-3 years
standard gauge machine, no ribber needed

Page 29: Tuck Mittens - By: Margaret Gray
Size: 2 to 3 yrs
Standard gauge machine with or without ribber

Page 30: Tuck card for Hat and mittens

Page 31/32: Knitted Bunting - By: Helen Fox
Standard Gauge knitting machine

Page 33/34: Double Bed Jacquard for Brother Punch
Card Machines - By: Ann Huppert

Page 35/44: LK150 Tutorial Series
By: Irene Court

Page 45/50: Advertising

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