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Miscellaneous Books for Sale

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Book Title

1. Machine Knit Trims and Technieques by Bonnie Triola. Excellent assortment of trims for your knitting. FOr any machine.
2. Sandee's Kwik Knit Book 10 - Year round tank tops. Sizes childrens 0-3 months through adult size 54. Standard gauge machine. SOLD
3. Socks for the family book 14. Infants 0-3 months through adult size 14-16. Standard gauge machine.

4. Kwik & Easy Infant Apparel book 8. 0-3 months through 18 months. Standard gauge machine.

5. Bulky Drop Shoulder Cardigans for the family, crewnecks, v necks. Book 9, Childrens 0-3 months through mens size 50. Bulky gauge machine.

6. Bulky cap Sleeve and vests, boatnecks, v necks, crewnecks, scoop necks. Book 4.

7. Bulky Sweaters for the family. Boatnecks, v necks and crewnecks. Book 3. Bulky machine. Sizes 0-3 months through mens size 50.

8. Drop Shoulder Sweaters for the family. boatnecks, v necks, crewnecks, scoop necks. Book 2. Childrens 0-3 months through mens size 50. Standard gauge machine.
9.Bulky ROund NEck Upside down raglan pullovers for Grownups by Jodie Raymond. Three different gauges given for your bulky machines. Sizes ladies small through men's extra large.
10. Special Spaces by Diana Sexton. An easy to follow guide to knitting designs using only working and non working needles on any machine. Especially written with the beginner in mind. This book shows unique designs, inserts and trims that can be added to any garment.
11. Dogs Book 5 by Bette Burkhart.12 differnt dog patterns. Pharaoh hound, Ibizan hound, Pomeranian, Bassett Hound, Kuvasz, german shephard, dalmation, alaskan malamute, toy fox terrier, pug, fox terrier, dog sled with sled dogs (knit sideways).

12. Folk & Fairaisle Designs by Wendy Phillips. Over 100 Designs suitable for 12 & 24 stitch punch cards, electronic and chunky machines. SOLD
13.Faboulous Fairaisle the easy way by Joyce Schneider. Pullovers in fairaisle. IN sizes Childrens size 2 through men's size Xlarge. This is in calendar format.