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Shipping for International orders will be invoiced to you after your order is placed or email me in advance of placing your order.
Passap Springs for Passap Antennas - Retail 2 for $5.00

Brake Spring for E6000 & DM80 - Retail $20.00

Passap Black stripper - Retail $25.00

20 Prong Decker Comb - Retail $15.00

Passap Alinea Tool $75.00
Alinea is a small device which fits on the left of the front lock. When knitting fairisle and loop patterns it serves to bring pushers automatically in Working Position before arranging them for the new pattern series. There is no more need to adjust pushers in Working Position with the help of the pattern rulber because ALINEA aligns pushers automatically, whenever necessary. Immediately you can arrange pushers for the new pattern series either with Passap Jac or by hand.

24 stitch Decker Comb - Retail $20.00

Orange Needle Pusher - Retail $12.95

Metal 6 prong Heel Grip - Retail $15.00

Orange 1 prong/pick tool - Retail $12.95

Pusher Aligning Tool - Retail $15.00

Black 3 prong tool - Retail $12.95

Slightly used Passap U-100. $100.00
The U100 transfer lock allows you to knit many patterns with knit/purl combinations including Garter stitch, lace and raised patterns. Of course it can be used to transfer all your rib stitches from one bed to the other. The U100E locks onto the beds for sure and secure transfer of stitches replacing the U-80. Comes in its original box with two weight combs and manual.