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Country Knitting Of Maine News & Views
2009 through 2010 Volume #4 Issues # 1 through 6
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News & Views Volume 4 Issue # 1
September/October 2009



The Information Page

Woven Shawl by Patty Schwab

Roses by Jo Newton

Fun with Fair Isle Jacket By Kathryn Doubrley

DAK - Looking at Some Basics
By Cathie Sanders

Maggie’s Magic. Pick A card part 4

Laced Cable Afghan By Kathryn Doubrley

Leigh (Tunic Top & Skirt)By Maggie Andrews

Playing with Plaid on the Passap
By Kathryn Doubrley

BeBe Baby Sweater By Kathryn Doubrley

Sideways Pullover in Plus Sizes By Roz Porter

The Ribber Transfer Carriage

Layered Look Top By Kathryn Doubrley

Easy Passap Slippers By Sue Cole

Design A Pattern XV. By Ileen Levy

Unisex Fisherman’s Rib Sweater
By Sandy Lightfoot

Bulky V Tailored Vest By Sandy Dominiak

Felted Bag By Sharon Baker

Sox Tops By Sandy Dominiak

Looking for A Machine Knitting Friend

Book Reviews

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News & Views Volume 4 Issue # 2
November/December 2009


Contents Page

The Information Page

Felted Holiday Gift Bag by Sharon Baker

Bulky Unconstructed Vest by Kidoodles

Evening Elegance Fingerless Gloves
By Kathryn Doubrley

Plush Polkadots Afghan By Kathryn Doubrley

Maggie’s Magic Pick A Card Part 5
By Maggie Andrews

Vested Interest by Kathryn Doubrley

Theydon Cardigan by Maggie Andrews

Book Reviews

Great Beginnings Hats by Kathryn Doubrley

Copycat by Kathryn Doubrley

Looking for a Machine Knitting Friend

Beginners Column- How to do Intarsia

Christmas Angels by Jo Newton

DAK & Darts by Cathie Sanders

Knitting In Darts -Why Make Darts
By Cathie Sanders

String of Snowmen & Medallions
By Maggie Andrews

Double Toilet Tissue Holder By Thelma Buckley

A New Twist Vest by Kathryn Doubrley

Different Ribber Cast on By the Staffords

Snowman Trio by Sandy Lightfoot

DAP by Ileen Levy

Fancy Threads Cardigan By Kathryn Doubrley

Seminars & Clubs
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Fancy Threads
Cardigan Trim
Fancy Threads
Design A Knit
News & Views Volume 4 Issue # 3
January/February 2010

Contents Page

The Information Page

2009 Hat Contest Winners

Announcement for 2010 Hat Contest

I’ve Got Stripes DAK by Cathie Sanders

Maggie’s Pick A Card By Maggie Andrews

Children’s Boatneck Dress by Kidoodles

Winter Warmer by Maggie Andrews

Looking for a Machine Knitting Friend

Blankie-N-Pillow by Kidoodles

Sabrina’s Sweater by Kathryn Doubrley

Different Ribber Cast On
By Fred & Frances Stafford

Turkish Delight Slippers By Kathryn Doubrley

Beginners Column-Knit In Raglan Sleeves

Holiday Dishcloth by Maxine French

Jo’s David Brown Tractor By Jo Newton

Children’s Bulky Vest By Kidoodles

Valentine’s Day Boa & Pin By Maggie Andrews

Putting Together Multiple Bond
Machines by Kathryn Doubrley

DAP by Ileen Levy

Child’s Round Yoke Cardigan
By Sharon Baker

Book Reviews

Seminars & Clubs

Where is Peanut Contest

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News & Views Volume 4 Issue # 4
March/April 2010




The Information page

Maggie’s Pick A Card Part 7 By Maggie Andrews

Boy’s Mock Guernsey In Slip Stitch
By Sharon Baker

Easy Wraps with Designaknit By Cathie Sanders

Boys & Girls Come Out To Play
By Maggie Andrews

Beginners Corner-Knit In Set In sleeves
By Linda Williams

Infant Turtleneck Pullover by Kidoodles

Chill Pill by Kathryn Doubrley

Easy Infant Pullover Sweater
By Patrice Taylor

Forever Summer Knitted Tapestry
By Kathryn Doubrley

Learning to Machine Knit By Patrice Taylor

BeBe Bathrobe by Kathryn Doubrley

Recycled Hats by Kathryn Doubrley

Cari’s Earflap Hat by Cari Farling

Tutorial for the Brother KX350 By Mar Heck

Japanese Fern Lace by Cheryl Franklin

Swans Designs by Jo Newton

Design A Pattern By Ileen Levy

2010 Hat Contest

Seminars & Clubs

Where Is Peanut Contest


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News & Views Volume 4 Issue # 5
May/June 2010


Good Beginnings by Maggie Andrews

Adding Lace to your knits

DAK - Questions & Answers by Cathie Sanders

Strawberry Cardigan by Maggie Andrews

Cheaters Cable by Kathryn Doubrley

Everyday Skirt by Kathryn Doubrley

Two Color Fern Lace Top by Cheryl Franklin

Matching Straight Skirt by Cheryl Franklin

Cari’s Visor Cap by Cari Farling

Pleasant Peasant Blouse by Kathryn Doubrley

Hooded Jacket by Patty Schwab

Baby Basic by Kathryn Doubrley

Minute Dishcloth by Sharon Baker

Tuck Topper by Kathryn Doubrley

Lions by Jo Newton

Sneaky Heel Socks by Kathryn Doubrley

DAP by Ileen Levy

Seminars & Clubs

Where is Peanut Contest

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News & Views Volume 4 Issue # 6
July/August 2010


The Information Page

2010 Hat Contest

The Journey of Knitting by Cobi Henry

Boys Fibonacci Stripes Sweater
By Sharon Baker

Good Beginnings 2 by Maggie Andrews

Surgery Socks by Kathryn Doubrley

Bombay Dream by Maggie Andrews

Techno-Chique by Kathryn Doubrley

Emergency Afghan by Kathryn Doubrley

Summer Top by Maggie Andrews

Avoiding Dirty Marks

Don’t be a Square Triangle Shawl
By Kathryn Doubrley

Carousel Designs by Jo Newton

Cables & Lace by Kathryn Doubrley

Methods of Knitting in Dak By Cathie Sanders

Quick Summer Top Using Dak By Cathie Sanders

Warm All Under by Kathryn Doubrley

One Piece Wonder by Kathryn Doubrley

Using Lace Cards on the Brother 260
By Linda Molden

Snuggie in DAP by Ileen Levy

Seminars & Clubs

Where is Peanut Contest

Book Reviews


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