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Country Knitting Of Maine News & Views
2006 through 2007 Volume #1 Issues # 1 through
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News & Views Volume 1 Issue #1, September/October 2006:


Part I of a three part series on felting including a pattern each time. The pattern in the first part is of an African Market Bag by Kathryn Doubrley.

Tuck Tee with sizes from 32" through 60" made on the bulky knitting machine using Sugar and Cream Cotton by Kathryn Doubrley.

Back to School sweater made with Casco Bay Cotton made on the LK150 by Jennie Merritt.

Poncho Shawl for any machine by Natalie Langkilde.

Garter Carriage Afghan by Linda Williams (super easy)

One Piece Wonder Garment for Infants made on the Singer 700 with ribber by Sharon Baker.

Halloween Blanket for Electronics by Mellany Maxwell. (files downloadable from her site for users of .cut for passap, Creation 6, WIn_Creation and .pat for Dak.

Pintuck Socks for Passaps by Susan Nelson.

Mid-Gauge No Sew Booties by Cari Farling.

Make Your Own Buttons

Toddler Sweater By Gail Darby

Bias Waste Strip by Sharon Baker

Dishcloth for Passap by Distinctive Knits.

How I Broke My Garter Carriage by Roz Porter.

Socks for the Standard Gauge by Roz Porter.

Beginner Lessons Part 1

Contest in each issue. Win prizes.

Article from the Traveling Knitter by Mary Poyntor.

No Sew Booties by Cari Farling.

Suggestions on how to make money with your knitting machine.

Article on how to clean and maintain your knitting machine, including how to change the sponge bar, by Manon Foss.

Book review on some great books.

Group Meetings, Guilds & Seminars

Profile on our Writers
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Felting Series Part 1
Felted Bag For All
Knitting Machines
Back to School Sweater
Standard Gauge
Sizes 4,6,8
Men's V Neck Sweater
Standard Gauge Machine
Small, Medium, Large
Garter Carriage Afghan
Standard Gauge Brother
with Garter Carriage
No Sew Booties
Mid Gauge machine
Wicked Witch Afghan
Machines Capable of
Double Jacquard
Traditional Swiss Doll
Standard Gauge Machine
Bias Waste Strip
Any machine
Infant Onesie
3 to 9 months
Standard Gauge Machine
Ladies Tuck Tee
Bulky Machine
Sizes 32-60
Beginners Lesson part 1
Setting up your machine
Toddler Sweater Size 2/3
Standard Gauge Machine
Dishcloth for Passaps
News & Views Volume 1 Issue #2
November/December 2006


Bias Scarf by Katheryn Doubrley

Legwarmers for standard gauge by Natalie Langkilde.

Part II of a three part series on felting by Kathryn Doubrley.

Infant Christening Gown by Gail Darby

Scarf for all machines by Gail Darby

Christmas Tree Skirts for bulky & Standard

Book reviews.

Ladies Traditional Poncho by Mary Poyntor-Batt

Questions and answers by the Answer Lady, Kathryn Doubrley.

Pumpkin costume for infants size 6-12 months. (with snap crotch) by Sharon Baker.

Child's Halloween Poncho (Little Red Riding
Hood) by Sharon Baker.

Felted Hats and Mittens by Katherine Doubrley

DAK series by Cathie Sanders.

Merry Christmas Afghan by Mellany Maxwell

The Traveling Knitter by Mary Poyntor.

Twinset (Sweater & Shell) by Kathryn Doubrley

How to Build a Display Stand by Lora Kinnan

E wrap Ribber cast on by Sharon Baker

Wildberry Socks by Roz Porter

Headband and Mock Rib Ski Hat by Roz Porter

Lesson Series part II

Contest in Every Issue With Prizes

Lots of Hints

Pennysaver Ads (25 cents a word, contact me if you are interested in advertising something for sale)

Advertisers. Sources are still available for knitting machines accessories, yarns, etc.

Click on Photo to Enlarge
Bias Scarf
Mid Gauge Machine
Stockinet Scarves
Any Machine
Paisley Purse
Standard Gauge Machine
Standard Gauge
With Ribber
Fast & Easy Slippers
Mid Gauge Machine
Pumpkin Costume
Standard Gauge Machine
Child is 5 months old
Christening Gown
Standard Gauge Machine
Lady's Traditional Poncho
Bulky Knitting Machine
Pearly Pearl Sweater
Standard gauge machine
Sizes: Finished 34 to 51"
Lady's Traditional Poncho
Bulky Machine
Men's Sideways Vest
Standard & Passap Machines
Sizes: Finished 38 to 50"
Felted Mittens & Hat
Bulky & Mid Gauge Machines
Christmas Tree Skirt
Standard & Bulky Machines
Wildberry Socks
Mid Gauge Machine
Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Standard Gauge Machine
Child is 4 years old
Designaknit from Soup to Nuts
Merry Christmas Afghan
Passap E 6000
Draw Stitch Cable
Any Machine

News & Views Volume 1 Issue #3
January/February 2007

Contents: Fast and Easy Fishermans Rib Jacket by Mary Poyntor-Batt made on the Passap.

Second Part of the DAK series by Cathie Sanders
Have A Heart Bulk Vest for Girls by Kathryn Doubrley

Christmas Stockings by Lyndee Brown

Baby Bonnet and Booties by Linda Williams

Boiled Wool garments by Kathryn Doubrley

Poem by Arnold Ochs

Childs Smocked Dress with Lace trim by Rebekah Fox

Fast and Easy Hat for children and ladies by Sue Cole

Fast and East Ribbed Hat for All by Linda Williams

Sophisticated Tuck Top For Ladies by Kathryn Doubrley

Opal Socks by Sharon Baker

Bouquet Bunny Afghan by Mellany Maxwell
Electronic Machines with Downloadable
capabilities and Passap E6000

Fast & Easy Hat by Sue Cole

Fast & Easy Ribbed Hat & Scarf by Linda Williams

Ruffled Ribber cast on by Roz Porter
Any Machine

Sophisticated Tuck Top by Kathryn Doubrley

Designaknit Series Part 2 by Cathie Sanders

Magnificent Mittens by Kathryn Doubrley

Letter to the Editor by Gail Darby

Contest & Book Reviews

Fisherman Rib Jacket by Mary Poyntor-Batt
For Passap Machines

Important Information for E6000 Owners
by Mary Poyntor-Batt

Pintuck Socks (Passap) By Sue Nelson

Hair Ornaments by Holly Pritchett
any single bed machine

Fashion Fun Fur Vest by Kathryn Doubrley

Loops in Ribbing Stitches

The Traveling Knitter by Mary Poyntor-Batt

Beginners Series Part 3 by Linda Williams
Ragland Sweater for sample knit

Newborn Sacque by Gail Darby
Standard gauge machine

Ski Hat By Linda Williams
Standard Gauge Machine

Guilds & Seminar Information


Pattern Books for Sale

Click on Photo to Enlarge
Have a Heart Bulky Vest
Bulky Machine
Sizes: Finished 26, 30, 34
Christmas Stockings
Bulky & Standard Machines
Mittens The Easy Way
Standard Gauge Machine
Sizes for all
Baby Bonnet
Standard Gauge Machine
Baby Booties
Standard Gauge Machine
Boiled Wool Garments
All Machines
Child's Smocked Dress
Standard Gauge
Sizes 2, 4, 6
Bouquet Bunny
Electronic Machines
& Passap E6000
Fast and Easy Ribbed Hat & Scarf
Standard Gauge with ribber
DAK Series Part 2
Tension, Shaping
Fashion Fun Fur Vest
All Knitting Machines
Sizes: 26" to 36"
Opal Socks
Standard Gauge Machine
fits child’s size 12 – 13 ½ shoe
Fast & Easy Hat
Standard Gauge Machine
Doll, Child, Adult sizes
Sophisticated Tuck Top
Standard Gauge
Sizes 32" through 48"
Magnificent Mittens
Bulky Knitting Machine
Sizes: youth/small adult, large adult

News & Views Volume 1 Issue #4
March/April 2007


Glad to Be Irish Afghan by Mellany Maxwell

Teddy Blanket by Kathryn Doubrley

PPD and Baby by Gail Darby

Let It Snow Cardigan by Kathryn Doubrley

Faux Cable Jacket and Purse by Kathryn Doubrley

Ski head band by Thelma Buckley

Designaknit Series Continued by Cathie Sanders
Stitch Ratio Rule by Sue Cole

Infant Dress, Bonnet, Booties and Pants & Blanket by Jackie Huff

Luxury Ladies Sweater by Kathryn Doubrley (made with Wool/Silk by Jagger)

Beginners Lesson #4 on Tuck Stitches By Linda Williams

Taming Varigated Yarns by Sue Jalowiec

Knitted on Fringe by Sharon Baker

Book Reviews

Seminar Information, Guild Meetings and Advertisers

Contest in Each Issue for Subscribers

Girls Tie on Hat and Muff by Sharon Baker

Poem by Arnold Ochs

Calculating Sleeve Length by Roz Porter

Questions and Answers by The Answer Lady

The Traveling Knitter by Mary Poyntor-Batt

Stitch Ratio Rule by Sue Cole

Click on Photo to Enlarge

Bulky Jacket for Girls
Finished Size: 26, 30, 34
Infant Dress, socks, Bonnet
Pants & Blanket
Standard gauge Machine
Sizes 3, 6, & 12 months
Beginners Lessons
in Tuck Stitch
Knitted On Fringe
Any Machine
Go Faux Jacket
Passap & Japanese Machines
8 Sizes from 38 to 52"
Go Faux Purse
Passap & Japanese machines
Design A Knit
Working with Original Pattern Drafting
Baklava for Bulkies
Tie on Hat & Muff
Standard Gauge Machine
Passap Baby Blanket
Glad to Be Irish Afghan
Passap E6000 machine
Taming Varigated Yarns
Before & After photos
Ski Headband
Standard Gauge Machine
Luxury Sweater
Bulky Knitting Machines
Sizes: 33.7, 35.8, 38, 40.1, 42.3, 44.5,46.7, 48.8, 51” at bust

News & Views Volume 1 Issue #5
May/June 2007


Letter From the Editor


The Information Page

Tuck Twins Afghans by Kathryn Doubrley

Punchdcard Patterns

ABC Blanket by Kathryn Doubrley

Traveling With Two Left Handed Men by Linda Williams

Worm Trim by Sharon Baker

Using the PPD in the Kitchen by Gail Darby

Honeycomb Rib Tuck Baby Jacket by Kathleen Kinder

Dog Sweater by Sharon Baker

Basket Weave by Michael Becker

Delightful Dolman by Kathryn Doubrley

Poem by Arnold Ochs

Lap Afghans by Sue Cole

The Answer Lady by Kathryn Doubrley

Lattice Pinwheel Afghan by Mellany Maxwell

Looking for A Machine Knitting Friend

Book Reviews


Designaknit: Ritz Crackers by Cathie Sanders

Circular Knit Socks by Kathryn Doubrley

Great Imitator Vest by Kathryn Doubrley

Anniversary Pillow by Kathryn Doubrley

Speed Ripping With the Garter Bar by Linda Williams

Graduation Afghan by Jacquelyn Huff

Beginner Lesson Series - Fairaisle

Easy Fairaisle Hat by Linda Williams

Houndstooth Hat by Linda Williams

Seminars & Clubs

Click on Photo to Enlarge
Tuck Twins Afghan
Bulky Machine
With & Without Ribber
Worm Trim Technique
Any Machine
Rib Tuck baby Jacket
Japanese & Passap Machines
Size: 0 to 3 months
Dog Sweater
Standard Gauge with Ribber
Fits a dog with 18" chest
15" from back neck to tail
Lattice Pinwheel Afghan
Passap E6000
Circular Knit Socks
All Knitting machines with ribber
Fits ladies size 5-7 shoe
Anniversary Pillow
Standard & Mid Gauge
Graduation Afghan
Standard machines with DAK
Houndstooth Fairaisle Hat
Standard Gauge Machines
ABC Blanket
Any Punch card machine
Using the PPD - Placemat A
Bless Us Oh Lord wording
Standard gauge
Using the PPD Placemat B
Standard Gauge Machine
Kiss the Cook wording
Basket Weave Technique
For any machine, no punch card needed
Delightful Dolman
Standard Gauge & Passap
SIZES: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52
Designaknit Series
Take a plain pullover and dress it up using some single motif ideas from our color pattern section.

Great Imitator Vest
Mid Gauge & Bulky Machine
finished at bust/chest to 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44”. Notes For Larger sizes also.
Speed Ripping with the Garter Bar
Any machine
Beginner Series - Fairaisle
How fairaisle is accomplished (any machine)
How to tame those floats, needle selection
& more.

News & Views Volume 1 Issue # 6
July/August 2007


Faroese Shawl by Mellany Maxwell

Race Car Cardigan by Jacquelyn Huff

For the Guys by Gail Darby

Doll Sweater by Linda Williams

Simple Summer Top By Sharon Baker

Cool Capri's by Kathryn Doubrley

Ravel Cord cast on by Sue Cole

Basic Blouse By Kathryn Doubrley

Summer Tank Top by Kangamoo Knits

Classic Sun Suit by Kathryn Doubrley

Crossover Shoulderette by Kangamoo Knits

DAK series by Cathie Sanders

Hand & Machine Pattern making & ALterations

by Kathleen Kinder

Lesson Series Part 6 - Slip Stitch by Linda Williams

Techniques by Sue Cole

Sideways Summer Stripes by Kathryn Doubrley

The Answer Lady by Kathryn Doubrley

Poem by Arnold Ochs

Contest - win prizes

Book Reviews

Guilds, Clubs & Seminars

Need a Knitting Machine Friend?

Pennysaver Ads
Click on Photo to Enlarge
Large Faroese Shawl
Constructed Sideways
Bulky Machine - Size 44
For The Guys
Standard Gauge Machine
Size: 42"
18" Doll Sweater
Standard Gauge Machine
Twist & Shout Top
Standard Gauge Machines
bust sizes 28-38
Summer Tank Top
Mid gauge & Bulky
Finished Chest size:
36 (39, 42, 46, 50) inches
Classic Sun Suit
Mid gauge & Bulky
Sizes: 6, 12 mos & 2 yrs
Tension Swatch By
Kathleen Kinder
Sideways Summer Stripes
Mid Gauge
36.5, 41,45.5” Other sizes
are possible by Increasing
or decreasing Stripes
Race Car Cardigan
Standard Gauge Machine
Childs Sizes: 2, 4, 6
Back of Child's Race
Car Cardigan
Cool Capri's
Japanese & Passaps
Sizes: 36,38,40,42,44,46,
48,50,52,54,56 finished hip.
Basic Blouse
Japanese & Passaps
Sizes: 32,34,36,38,
Crossover Shoulderette
Bulky Machines
Finished Size: 12” x 45”
(47”, 50”) around
Separating and Joining
pieces in a shape.
Beginners Slip Stitch Vest
Standard Gauge Machine
Sizes: 10, 12, 14

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