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MLN 35 - Get Off Your Butts: this is the book that Mary Louise Norman started and due to her death, her friends finished it. It contains: Swatching and blocking, seaming methods, finishing with crochet, application of crochet and ruffles, designing not drafting, correcting figure faults, sagging armhole, puffed sleeves, some of her favorite patterns, techniques such as plating, ribbing, fairaisle, drag marks, neckline finishing, zippers and much more. 74 pages. Retail Price: $15.00
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MLN36 Nicely Knit Dolls: a unique collection of dolls, designed in full and half scale for knitting machines. Simply trace the pattern to your machine. Every doll requires less then 2 ounces of yarn. Dolls are: Tiny baby, elves and Pixies, cheer leader, Japanese doll, sleepy baby (toddler). Very unique. 40 pages
Retail Price: $10.99
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MLN 37 Nicely Knit 930/940 Primer - 930/940 Beginners Lesson plan for the Brother/Knitking Compuknit. Learn to conquer your computer with step-by-step instructions for the 930/9440 with disk drive as well as your Knitleader. Will help you with newer electronics also.
Retail Price: $19.99
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MLN 38 Flying High With The 930/940 - Work along with Mary Louise in this, the second book in her 930/940 series. 80 pages stuffed with 930/940 exercises, information and art lessons. Quick reference guide included. Designed to make every knitter comfortable with the 930/940 and newer electronic machines.
Retail Price: $19.99
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MLN 39 The 930 Safari - Third in the 930/940 series. This is the hard stuff, the knitters say. Jacquard 3 and 4 colors in one row, isolation of 3 and 4 color grids on both the main bed or the ribber bed, Bargello knitting, and a wonderful selection of example grids. Full of advanced information for advanced 930/940 knitters. Explore the world of color, step by step, with your guide, “Auntie Lulu”.
Retail Price: $19.99
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MLN 40 The Electric Rainbow - Fourth in the 930/940 series. A complete collection of 40 new beautiful knitted Bargello 4-color designs. (This technique was first introduced by Mary Louise in the 930 Safari). Hints on color use, quick projects to knit and Lots of photos. A beautiful book highly recommended for Jacquard knitting. A color photo of each design is provided. Over 110 pages.
Retail Price: $19.99

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MLN 41 Nicely Knit 24 Stitch Flame - You asked for it, you’ve got it! Bargello Jacquard, the ultimate in machine knitting. Mary Louise took the Electric Rainbow and reworked as many designs as she could to fit a 24 stitch punch card machine. A few new designs were added to round out the collection, including four way Bargello. The designs are recommended for double bed work, but can be used on the main bed alone. Instructions for Brother/Knitking and Studio/Singer knitting machines accompany the text. (30 punch card grids) It’s Beautiful!
Retail Price: $19.99
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MLN42-Nicely Knit Lines (146 packed pages on pattern drafting) Professional pattern drafting for the machine knitter. Start with a tape measure and end with a perfectly fitted pattern. A complete course on pattern drafting for women.
Retail Price: $19.99

Chapter 1: The Basics
Centimeters and scale, Changing the scale of a draft, bookplate, Study hints, Measurement chart, Reference figure, Measurement notes, Terms, The Basic back,
The Basic front, Double checks and figure fitting, The basic sleeve, Generic Half scale example
Chapter 2 Neck Variations & Collars
U Neck, V Neck, Standard boat neck,
Dropped boat neck, Scoop, Asymmetrical, Keyhole, Tailored collar, Mandarin
Shawl, "V" Neck shawl, Turtle, Tie neck, Cowl, Collars by Overlay drafting
Chapter 3 - Vests
Crew neck, V neck, tailored, Cap sleeves vest or pullover, V neck with button closure, Bolero
Chapter 4: Sleeves
Fitted, short, bell, straight, bishop, short puff, short sleeve, puff cap, short sleeve, puff cuff, long leg O"Mutton, Leg O'Mutton
Chapter 5 Bodice and Back variations
Discussion and Preparation, bust darts, Princess lines, sleeveless shell, blouson, ski styles, draped front, frame, saddle shoulder, peplum, summer top and tube, when to use full draft, coordination, The raglan method 1 and 2, Raglan line variations, partial or set in raglan, round yoke.
Chapter 6 skirts
Form draft, straight, Aline, Wrap, gored, tulip, pleated, dirndl, gathered tiers.
Chapter 7 Pants and Slacks
The basic, straight pants, jogging and exercise, knickers, bolero, gaucho, culotte, mock trouser, evening pants, short styles, jumpsuits
Chapter 8 Outerwear
short jacket, walking length, facings, duster, chanel jackets, chanel coat, tunic or smock, double breasted, cape, egg shape stole, hats, hoods, knee warmers, doll draft

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MLN43-Accompanying Nicely Knit Lines DVD available. DVD is 2 1/2 hours long - This excellent training tool explains the “basic” pattern draft in painstaking detail. Filmed during an actual workshop, the questions you would ask have been covered! This video is designed to be used with the Nicely Knit Lines pattern drafting book, which is listed above or can be used alone.
Retail Price: $19.99
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MLN45-Primer 1 - Beginner Lessons- Written by Mary Louise Norman. This book was written for Brother and Knitking and there is also a version for Singer/Studio. Specify which machine you would like the directions for. The drop down menu helps you pick it out. Contents: Setting up, preparation of yarn, basic machine care, needle description, needle positions & uses, touch levers, drums and hints, sinker posts, scrapping on, e loop cast on, simple increases and decreases, multiple increase, simple bind off, ripping a row out, basic abbreviations list, picot hems, latch tool bind off, eyelets, latch tool cast on, short rowing or partial knitting, your punch cards, correcting an error while knitting with cards, replacing needles, introduction to the knit contour, the swatch, shaping, adding the neck ribbing, and more. Wonderful book. Retail Price: $10.99

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MLN46- The Happy Medium - Nicely Knit Primer II - The Knit Leader and knit contour, Your garment patterns, other pattern sources, your work area, half scale stitch rulers and the swatch, understanding the half scale square, charted patterns, drafting "missing Pieces" on schematics, work sheet for drafting from hand knitting patterns, written patterns, Christmas stocking pattern, Understanding the weights of yarns, how to ply yarns, your yarn palette, tension knitting and figure problems. Using tension knitting to shape a garment, using tension to change drafted pattern size, Auntie LuLu's semi famous baot neck sweater, blousing with tension, stained glass sweaters, planning for a large, isolated punch card motif, free form intarsia, frequently requested crochet accents, traditional intarsia - perfect planning, combining intarsia with applique, ultra suede, or fabric with knits, quick notes on blocking and finishing, seaming on the machine, hints on crochet edgings, Wrap it UP!

For intermediate Brother/Knitking, Studio and Singer machines. Retail Price: $20.00

Click here to purchase The Happy Medium Primer II By Mary Louise Norman

MLN47-Nicely Knit Cable Classics (large variety of cables) 60 packed pages. Step by step instructions for over 40 fancy cables and cable trims for machine knits. And how to devise your own. Includes cable punch as trellis, alternating, fancy, honeycomb, kisses and hugs, braids, long stitch, hourglass, reverse, chevron and two-color. Retail Price: $15.99
Click here to purchase a pdf version of this book Nicely Knit Cables by Mary Louise Norman

MLN48-A Review of the PPD: This was written when the PPD was first introduced to the knitters. to show you how to use the PPd on your 930 and 940 knitting machines. This explains all the terminology in the PPD. Tells you how to delete a pattern, input memo, format a disk, etc. 27 pages.
Retail Price: $9.99
Click here to purchase a pdf file of the book A Review of the PPD by Mary Louise Norman

MLN49-Nicely Knit Warm Wet & Wonderful -The Infants layette in half scale. The patterns in this collection have been carefully selected to enlarge your horizons in machine knitting. To incorporate punch cards, interesting yarn textures, stunning color combinations to produce an original infant’s layette. Includes christening gown, bonnet, diaper cover, cape, baby boy’s first tailored vest, pants, sock, leg warmers, booties, tights, ear flap hat, one piece cover all bib or shirt, cardigans, pullovers, mittens, sleeper and much more. Retail Price: $15.99
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MLN50-Cold Air, Warm Art ! - Timeless painting techniques to embellish your knit fabrics. 84 packed pages. Tells you exactly how to paint and what to use. Great book. Retail Price: $10.00

Click here to purchase a PDF file of Cold Air Warm Art by Mary Louise Norman

MLN51-Nicely Knit Cabbage Soup - One of a kind knits for cabbage patch and other garden variety dolls. Half scale patterns for knit leader or knit contour. 70 packed pages. Includes: easy mittens, slippers, socks, tights, thigh socks, leg warmers, ear warmer, ski hat, bonnet, barrette, baldies baseball cap, tutu, leotard, one piece body suit, clown suit, preemie sleeper, romper, shorts, pinafore dress and bloomers, Happy Birthday dress, Dainty dress for all seasons with matching undies, raglan sweater with long or short sleeves, raglan cardigan, pullover shawl collar or vest, ribber trim, cuddly coat, one piece snow suit, ski sweater, pants and much more.
Retail Price: $14.99
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