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Pattern Books Designed by Maggie Andrews - Available as PDF Downloads

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Summer Wardrobe, Eleven stunning summer patterns to match and team to create twin sets, suits and complete outfits. These 11 patterns can be used to make 35 different garments. 8 summer tops, 2 skirts which can be made plain or to match all the tops, and 1 jacket which can be made plain or to match all the tops. They can also provide at least 56 different combinations. 8 twinsets, 16 skirt and top suits, 16 skirt and jacket suits and 16 three piece outfits. Sizes 32-46" bust. Suitable for knitters of all abilities.

Classic Collection, A great basic mix and match wardrobe. There are patterns for 6 tops, 2 skirts, 3 jackets and a flower trimmed pill box hat. The garments can be matched to others in this ame book to make suits, twinsets and complete outfits. The garments feature a wealth of easy to knit but interesting details including knitted appliques, "e" wrap embroidery, chevron edge bands, individual non repeating punchcard pattern, shadow lace, as well as trims on the ribber. Sizes 34-44" bust. Suitable for knitters of all abilities

The Skirt Selection, Patterns for 8 super skirt styles which are suitable for all occasions, from summer weight to winter weight and which are all easy to knit. Permanently pleated rib, tweed shadow pleat, flared hemline shadow pleat, sideways knitted flared, four panel "A" line, Check shadow pleat, pencil pleat and sideways knitted hadkerchief hemline. Sizes 34-46" hips. Suitable for knitters of all abilities.

Chunky Ladies Yoke Sweater By Maggie Andrews

For Chunky Machines with Ribbers. A beautiful ladies sweater with a circular yoke, embossed with shadow lace and mock cables. Sizes: 34, 36, 38 and 40 inches.

You can use any yarn that fives the gauge of: 20 sts and 28 rows = 4"
Chunky Ladies Yoke Sweater - $5.00

Cotton Tops Collection, A selection of 6 tee shirts, tunics and sleeveless tops, all with interesting and unusual stitch effects like imitation intarsia, "e" wrap embroidery, lazy lace, ribber embossing, tuck lace, imitation patchwork and crewel embroidery. Great for summer but also lightweight, soft and comfortable under Autumn or Winter suits. Sizes 30-42" bust. Suitable for 24 st punchcard or electronic machines

Tunic and sweater Collection, A lovely selection of 6 long sweaters and tunic tops. The stitch effects and surface decoration are not only very easy, but also interesting and unusual. There's a sideways knitted sweater with a Fair Isle yoke and a sweetheart neckline; a round neck flat rib tunic with a ribber embossed "V" neck effect and two sweaters with eye catching cable effects which need no stitch transfers. The other two sweaters feature easy intarsia knitted using holding position. Suitable for knitters with only a little experience. Sizes 32-46" bust. PURCHASE NOW
Four Seasons Suits, Four elegant classic suits for all occasions, knitted with Bramwell yarns. SPRING has a sideways knitted skirt with medium flare and a 'V' neck short sleeved dolman tunic with a scalloped hem. Made with Hobby used double. SUMMER has a pencil pleated shadow pleat skirt and a square neck short sleeved top trimmed with ladder lace butterflies on the yoke. Made with Hobby and Silky. AUTUMN has a fully pleated skirt with knitweave pleat edges and a long waistcoat with vertical knitweave stripes. Made with Duomagic and narrow viscose ribbon. WINTER has a four panel skirt and a 'V' neck, set in sleeve jacket with a thigh length rib patterned peplum. Made with Fine 4 ply. Suitable for knitters of all abilities.Simple trims and finishes. Sizes 32-46" bust.

Podgy Pig and Friends, Unusual children's fun sweaters and tee shirts with padded 24 st animal motifs on the front. The animal motifs are approx. 7" tall. Small straight pieces of knitting are added for three dimensional effects. Pig, bear, duck, monkey, panda and owl. A plain sweater and tee shirt pattern is included. Sizes 20-28" chest.

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Tubby Tiger and Friends, , Unusual children's fun sweaters and tee shirts with padded 24 st Fair Isle animal motifs on the front. The animal motifs are approx. 7" tall. Small straight pieces of knitting are added for three dimensional effects. Tiger, penguin lion, frog, elephant and rabbit. A plain sweater and tee shirt pattern is included. Sizes 20-28" chest.

Kids Stuff, A selection of easy picture sweaters with special effects such as landscapes which need no Intarsia carriage, three dimensional effects, and all sort of toys as part of the design. All easily knitted on 24 st punchcard or electronic machines. Features Golfer on the golf course, Rabbit on the farm, Midnight snowman, Sunset snowlady and Punch and Judy show, which all include easily knitted toys, and Clown, a 48 st wide motif for 24 st machines. This is a terrific technique which you can use to make your own larger pictures. A plain sweater pattern is included. Sizes 20-28" chest.

Playtime Pets, A fun collection of stylised animal toys. Easy to knit in two straight pieces of stocking stitch. Includes Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Monkey, Chimpanzee, Orang Utan, Frog, Toad, Duck, Penguin, Rabbit, Hare, various Bears and Panda.Patterns in three sizes of each toy. Three sizes, 3",6" & 9" tall

Kiddies Assortment, A superb selection of seven sweaters to suit chest sizes 20" to 28", and featuring an assortment of styles and stitches. All over Fair Isle in as many colours as you like or just one shade. Bands of Fair Isle in multi-coloured yarn with a plain yoke. Super tuck stitch with fancy scalloped welts and cuffs. Simple pick-up tucks for an extremely highly textured finish. Easily knitted colour blocks that look like intarsia but need no intarsia carriage. An introduction to double bed fabrics with geometric shadow lace, and last but not least a plain stocking stitch sweater.

Christmas Snowman and Santa Decorative Ornaments by Maggie Andrews.

A fun pair of ornaments to dress a shelf, or hang on your tree, or to add to a Christmas gift. A snowman with a broom and Santa with his sack. Can be knitted on any gauge knitting machine using appropriate yarn for your machine. Easy Beginners Patterns. $5.00 for a PDF download.
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Snowmen Garland by Maggie Andrews.
A cheerful Christmas decoration. A garland of Snowmen and double sided medallions to hang on your Christmas tree, along the edge of the mantelpiece, on the banisters, on the bookcase or over a door. Hang anywhere in your home. Easy to make on any gauge of knitting machine using appropriate yarn for your machine. A good lesson on knitting doubled sided shapes using holding position. $5.00 for a pdf download.

Christmas Socks with Decorative Trim by Maggie Andrews. Super Christmas socks with a selection of decorative ornaments which can also be used as lapel pins or tree decorations. Can be made on any gauge knitting machine. Ornaments include: Rudolf, santa head,snowman head, and xmas tree. $5.00 for PDF download.

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Xmas Fun, A great collection of fun items for Xmas which are also fun to knit, but contain various techniques to improve your "all year round knitting". Contains 9 tree decorations, Xmas wreath, Xmas sock, 10 Fair Isle motifs for hanging scrolls or large Xmas cards, 2 placemats, 3 table decorations and 5 tiny Xmas Fair Isle motifs to fit 11.5 x 9 cm aperture cards. An alphabet chart is included for personalising items. Suitable for knitters of all abilities.

100 Ways with Holding Position, A useful addition to every machine knitter's library. A course of lessons covering techniques using this extremely versatile facility. Includes instructions for shaping round necks and armholes, darts, seaming on the machine, made to measure skirts, pockets, sideways knitted one piece raglan jackets, shawls, and braid trimmings.

Mock Cables and Mock Arans, Easy big and bold cables without crossing any stitches. Sixteen patterns for mock cables to "add on", "knit in" or "knit on" to plain garments, or add to tuck or slip stitch for authentic looking Aran fabrics. Really large cable effects, cable braids, and how to make bobbles. Includes 4 mock cable cardigan patterns. Size range 34" to 44" bust. Full colour illustrations

Easy Intarsia, This is part 2 of "100 ways with Holding position", and uses holding position for purely decorative purposes. This booklet will teach you how to knit different geometric intarsia shapes without an intarsia carriage, and how to put them together into garments for all the family. Simple landscape pictures can also be knitted by this method. No intarsia carriage is needed, only the main carriage is used with just one colour at a time threaded up. Intarsia has never been easier.

Skirts & Tops. Fashionalbe tops and skirts can be mixed and matched to create a variety of suits.
Shadlow pleat skirt.. Smooth & Sleek with leafy pattern.
Shadow pleat skirt, full & floating with allover floral pattern.
Shadow pleat skirt with roses pattern and button front.
Summer top in tuck lace.
Summer top with shadow lace leaves
Ladder lace top.
Ladder Lace "V" inset chart.
Release stitch lace top.
Release stitch lace "V" yoke chart.
Sizes: 10/12, 14/16, 18/20, 22/24
Lengths: 26", 28", 30" 32", 34", and 36"

Toy Box Collecction. Childrens sweaters in both long or short sleeve versions to fit chest sizes 51-71 cms, 20-28 inches.
Eight three dimensional effect fair isle motifs with removeable mascot dolls.
Contents: General Information. Basic sweater with long or short sleeves. Basic doll. Firemen in fire engine. Policemen in a veteran car chase. Riding in a steam train. Babies in a pram race. Hot air ballooning. Yacht regatta. Looking out of the window.
Gauge of 30 sts & 40 rows = 10 CMS (4")

Add a Collar, 15 super collars to add to your favourite garments or incorporate into your new ones as you make them. Plain or fancy, frilly or flouncy, pleated or lacy. A varied collection of useful designs. Single and double bed fabrics. Peter Pan, shirt, bound edge.

Traditional Circular Yokes, How to make sweaters with traditional circular yokes that start at the armholes, not the inset in a deep round neck. Six different patterns including Fair Isle, three dimensional slip stitch, and textured rib designs in a variety of shadow lace patterns. Includes full instructions for making your own exclusive styles. Sizes to suit 10/12, 14/16, 18/20, and 22/24. Featuring fair isle, 3 D slip stitch and rib patterns.
Gauge used of 30 sts & 40 rows = 10 cms.

Get to Know Your Ribber. This booklet is for every knitter who only uses their ribber for welts. Find out at last what the buttons and levers on the carriage actually do, and how much weight to use and why. Find out how to knit patterned welts to match or complement your patterned fabrics. Focusing on one colour, textured fabrics, this book tells you in plain English what your instruction book doesn't. Easily and quickly learn to knit Punch Pintucks, Punch Tuck Rib, Shadow Lace, Patterned ribs, Flat ribs, Permanent pleats, Embossing and lots more. A course of lessons in logical order all illustated with black and white photos.

Pick One Punchcard and make over 170 new and different pattern designs. Learn how to reuse and recycle your punchcards and electronic patterns to create new and different designs. Simple automatic technique for any gauge of machine that has automatic patterning capabilities. Full colour illustrations.

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Maggie Andrews Collection of Baby's Shoes & Bootees - Five styles, shoes, bootees, bootees with turn down top, shoes with mock sock top in rib or mock rib. Four trims, picot, scalloped, fair isle or plain hems. Together they make 20 variations, and that's without any color changes for the trims. Endless variations of dainty and delicate or colorful and fun footwear for infants, for you to make to match all baby's outfits. Suitable for babies age 0 to 9 months, and premature babies as small as 2 pounds. Knitted on the standard gauge knitting machine.

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