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Knitting Machine Pattern Books Written by Lois Blystone

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LB54 - Sweaters for Beginners - Sizes infant through 44. Patterns include a baby bunting, child's pullover and cardigan, 7 womens sweaters and 2 for men. Also included are 4 punch card designs and several variations of the basic patterns. All patterns are easy to follow with a minimum amount of shaping. This is a great book for the beginning knitter. Retail $6.99

LB55 - Women's Sweaters - Sizes 32 to 42. Patterns include a turtleneck, mock cable pullover, ruffled sweater, argyle pullover, fanny sweater, sleeveless top with several variations, puff sleeve-square neck pullover, diagonal striped top, plaid front pullover, V-neck with cables and a cute puff sleeve sweater. Also 3 punch card patterns are included. All patterns can be knit by beginners. Retail $5.99
LB55 Women's Sweaters

LB56 - Easy Sweaters and Cardigans - sizes 32 to 44. This book has 14 patterns including 5 cardigans. There is a variety of necklines and sleeves including puff with ruffles, set in, drop shoulder and raglan. Techniques include knitted on lace, fairisle designs with punchcards included, self finish neckline, one piece dolman, mock cables, easy embroidery trim, short row knitting and more. All patterns are easy to knit. Retail $ 5.99

LB56 Easy Sweaters & Cardigans

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LB57 - Sideways Knits - sizes 32 to 44. All 10 of the sweaters in this book are knitted sideways. There is a variety of necklines and sleeves inlcuding several dolmans. Knitting them sideways lets you add vertical stripes and other designs you can't get knitting the regular way. There are several techniques for unusual and beautiful sweaters. Three punchcard patterns are given. There is also photographs and sketches of all the sweaters in the book.
Retail $5.99
LB57 Sideways Knits

LB58 - Nice 'N Easy Sweaters - sizes 34 to 46. This book contains 15 sweater patterns including 2 on the G-carriage, 2 with lace, 1 with punch lace, 1 with intarsia, 1 fishermans rib, 1 in slip stitch with braid trim, 2 with diagonal stripes, 1 with single motif, 1 all over fairaisle, 1 with the double bed yarn changer, 1 using single bed yarn changer to get 3 colors in one row, and one using yarn that was dyed and an article telling how to dye yarn. ALso included are 4 detachable collar patterns and circular socks. All patterns are well explained and include colored photograhs. Retail $ 6.99
LB59 Nice "N Easy Sweaters

LB59 - Fun With Weaving - sweaters in sizes 34 to 46. In addition to the 6 sweaters and a jacket, this book includes many gift items such as slippers, bib, pillow, over night bag, stadium blanket with tote, and tissue box cover. The 19 items all use the technique of knit weaving. Some feature "all over" designs and some use little bits of isolated weaving. The sweaters are shown in colored photos. All the patterns are easy to follow, even for a beginner. Retail $5.99
LB59 Fun With Weaving

LB60 - Reversible Knits - sizes 32 to 44. All the garments in this book are reversible and are extra warm. They include a quilted vest, turtleneck, tunic/stocking cap & mittens, jacket-hat-mittens and a knitted sweatshirt style pullover with collar. There is also a camoflauge hunting jacket pattern. The patterns include easy step by step directions. Photgraphs and sketches of the garments are included. Retail $5.99 LB60 Reversible Knits

LB61 - Gloves, Sweaters, Mittens, Socks, Hats adult sizes. The 11 items in this book include several sweaters, a cardigan jacket, mittens, gloves, several hats, leg warmers, vest and socks. The items are knit with wool with the yarn source given but other yarns can be used with the common gauges. Also given are original punchcard designs for sheep, spinning wheel, star and other border designs. Retail $6.00
LB61 Gloves, Mittens, Socks

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LB62 - Men's Sweaters - sizes 24 to 48. These patterns include 2 vests, a summer shirt, a polo shirt style with collar, stockinette pullover, cables pullover with a V-neck, tuck stitch pullover, a fairaisle pullover and 2 cardigans. All the patterns are easy to knit with detailed instructions. There are also patterns for belts, ties, ski hat and golf club covers. Retail $6.99
LB62 Men's Sweaters

LB63 - Sweaters For Boys - sizes infant to 18. These patterns are by Sylvia Stewart and Lois Blystone. There are vests, cardigans, and pullovers with a variety of different styles and designs. Several punchcards are given along with detailed instructions for beginner knitters. These sweaters could easily be adapted for girls by using different colored yarns. Retail $ 5.99
LB63 Sweaters For Boys

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LB64 - Maternity Outfits - sizes 8 to 18. For this book Lois designed 6 summer and winter tops using a variety of techniques such as smocking, shadow pleats, vertical stripes and sideways knitted yoke with attached sleeves. There are also directions to make 2 of them into dresses. ALso included are patterns for shorts, slacks, and a skirt. These tops are easy to knit and are very attractive. Retail $ 4.99
LB64 Maternity Outfits

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Daisy Delight

Pretty Pastel

Smocked special

Cool T Top or Dress

Summer Dress or Jumper

Shadow Lace Sweater
LB65 - Carrot Patch Knits - fit Cabbage patch dolls and teddies. This book includes 12 outfits. All patterns have very little shaping which make them fast and easy to knit. They are great for beginners to become familiar with reading patterns. Patterns include sweater and bonnet, jumpsuit, scarf, night gown & cap, shorts, tank top, dress, purse, coat, leg warmers, slacks, T-top, name hat & Scarf, poncho skirt, diaper, bunting, mittens, dress, bloomers, pajamas and slippers. Retail $3.99
Carrot Patch Knits

LB66 - Cotton Tops Set I - (summer) sizes 34 to 44. These 10 sweaters were knit with cotton but other yarns could easily be substituted. The patterns are basic with minimum shaping. There are 2 dolmans, 2 tank tops and pullovers with a variety of sleeves and neckline styles. These are great patterns for beginners. This book is designed so the patterns can be used as a single sheet patterns for clubs or beginner projects. Retail $ 5.99
LB66 Cotton Tops Set I

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LB67 - Cotton Tops Set II - (winter) sizes 34 to 44. Similar to the Cotton Tops Set I but more long sleeve styles. Also 10 patterns using cotton yarn. Most of these sweaters have set in sleeves but are still easy to knit. Includes a cardigan, several with collars, a raglan and other pullovers. Several punchcard designs are given. Retail $ 5.99
LB67 Cotton Tops Set II

LB68 - Cottons for Kids - sizes infant to 10. This book has patterns for 22 items plus several fairisle designs. Includes 3 blankets, bed pads, burp pad, 2 capes, sun top with bloomers, dress, sweat suit, dolman, tank top, cardigans, fisherman rib pullover and many other easy to knit items. Cotton yarn was used but other yarns can easily be substituted. Retail $ 5.99
LB68 Cottons for Kids

LB69 - Fairisle Favorites - sizes 36 to 50. Pattners for 9 sweaters using designs from the above book. All are knit in fairisle. Styles include a cardigan with pockets, dolman, turtleneck, 1 with collar and placket and others of various styles. The designs used are included. Retail $5.99
LB69 Fairisle Favorites

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LB70 - Garter Carriage Favorites - patterns for 9 sweaters using designs from Design Favorites. Styles include a cardigan, boat neck, turtleneck, and other neckline and sleeve variations that are easy to make using the garter carriage. The designs used in this book are also repeated in the back of this books. This book also includes colored photos and sketches.
Sizes 36 through 50
Retail $6.00

LB70 Garter Carriage Favorites

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LB71 - Design Favorites - 70 designs for the electronic machines. 46 of them can be used for 24 stitch punchcard modesl and others that could be easily adapted to the punchcards. Retail $5.99

LB71 Design Favorites

LB72 - Jackets & Cardigans - sizes 36 to 52. This book has the patterns for 4 cardigans & 3 jackets. There is a wide variety of styles and techniques including weaving, tuck stitch, slip stitch, fairisle, easy yoke and no shape neckline. Three of them have pockets and three have collars. The patterns are easy enough for the beginner. Colored photo included. Retail $ 5.99 LB72 Jackets & Cardigans

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LB73 - Easy Bulky Favorites - sizes childs 2 to men's 44. This book includes patterns for the entire family. Techniques such as short row knitting, racking ,smocking, manual shadow lace, cables and western yoke style are used. There are cardigans, bath robe, vest and several pullovers with many neckline and sleeve styles, some with collars. There is something for everyone and all easy to knit. Photos & Sketches inlcuded. Retail $6.99
LB73 Easy Bulky Favorites

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LB74 - He & SHe Bulky Knits - sizes 34 to 44. Patterns for ten sweaters suitable for men or women. All are knit on the bulky using several strands of 2/24 yarn. Other yarns can be used which meet the common gauges. Several punchcard designs are included. The 2/24 yarn works great and it's a good way to use up small cones left from other projects. Ther is a wide range of styles and techniques used for the sweaters. Photographs and sketches are included for all the sweaters. Retail $ 5.99
LB74 He & She Bulky Knits

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LB75 - Bulky Cotton Tops - sizes 34 to 44. Those who enjoyed Lois's other cotton top books wanted one for the bulky. So, here it is. There are 10 patterns which include a variety of neckline an sleeve styles suitable for men or women. These are basic patterns that are easy to knit. Retail $6.99
LB75 Bulky Cotton Tops

LB76 - Women's Bulkys - sizes 34 to 46. Ten sweaters including a cardigan, dolman, sideways, sweatshirt style with cowl collar, one with drop stitch trim, one with diagonal stripes and others with interesting techniques and designs. Includes colored photos and sketches of all sweaters. Make with 4-ply and other hand knitting yarns. Retail $6.00

LB75 Women's Bulkies

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LB77 - Y Knot Bulkys - sizes 34 to 46. Ten sweaters including 2 cardigns, one with weaving trim, 2 with collars, one with vertical embroidery, a vest, one knit sideways and one with a plaid front with no floats. This book includes a lot of easy techniques and designs. Colored photos an sketches of all the sweaters are inlcuded. All the sweaters are knit with Tamm yarns. Retail $6.99
LB77 Y Knot Bulkys

LB78 - Bulky Coats, Jackets & Cardigans - sizes 36 to 52. Patterns include 3 cardigans, 2 jackets and 2 coat sweaters. There is a wide variety of styles and techniques including fairisle, sideways, aran tuck, garter rows and slip stitch. Three of them have pockets and three have collars. They are all easy to knit even for a beginner. Colored photo included. Retail $6.99 LB78 Bulky Coats, Jackets & Cardigans

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