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Pattern books written by Fred & Frances Stafford.
FS51 - Everything you wanted to know about pockets, buttonholes, necklines and Yarn. I took several of Fredís booklets and put them all together in one book. Lots of wonderful information. Includes: buttonholes, eyelets, multiple stitch buttonholes, vertical buttonholes, single buttonholes, double buttonhole in band, sideways buttonhole, bound buttonhole, buttonholes in mock ribbing, no buttonhole at all. Pockets: patch pockets, two variations of patch pockets, slashed horizontal, slashed vertical, flap pockets, muff pockets, placement of pockets. Necklines: shaping the neck & picking up stitches for a round neck, round neckband folded under, chain stitch band, V neck bands, overlap bands, ribbing, mitered band ribbing, square neck bands, other rib bands, cut and sew, cord trim, quick neck finish, eyelet trim, crochet trim, mock rib band. Everything you wanted to know about yarns: general information on yarn, using space dyed yarns, conversion table, some yarn problems you may encounter. $10.99
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FS52-Hints & Kinks General Information- A great book full of helpful information such as: a new twist on e-wrapping, slip stitch bind off, latch tool bind off, how to make a free pass, finishing kit, have you cleaned your machine this week, using the Knitleader with worsted weight yarn on a standard machine, Using the same swatch for Knitleader and knit contour, how to short row on both sides at the same time, tension gauge, stitch gauge, and blocking for a correct fit, creating the fabric, measuring the fabric, designing the garment, knitting the garment, blocking the garment, finishing the garment, a hem to be proud of, slip stitch band, neat facing for buttonhole band, knitting machine smocking, bobbin knitting, pattern knitting using short rows, diagonal stripes, automatic cast on for punch card machines, zigzag e wrap cast on for ribbers, our best ribber cast on, our favorite bind off for the single bed, excellent underarm bind off and easy bind off for the ribber. $10.99

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FS53-Hints & Kinks Studio/Singer/Silver Reed Electronic & Lace Carriage models: This book was created when the SK500 model came out. It has some very helpful information for all SK electronic machines. Tells you how to use the machine and what the buttons and lights are. Includes a checklist to avoid errors, hw to match patterns at the seams, some helpful hints, Upside down patterning, how to correct when doing pattern repeats, how to use the lace carriage on your electronic and also on your punchcard machines. $10.00

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