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Donna Seitzer DVD's Available in USA & PAL format

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I am now selling DVD videos by Donna Seitzer.

These are wonderful informative videos. These are now available in PAL format for European customers.

Email me(button above) if need them in PAL.

Prices are $39.95 each.

Shipping for International orders will be invoiced to you after your order is placed or email me in advance of placing your order at email button above.

I am thrilled that these are available again. Donna was an excellent instructor and you will feel like she is sitting right in your knitting room.

VT601 Beginning Knitting Techniques This tape is designed with the first-time machine knitter in mind. The techniques shown are intended to lay the foundation of skills needed for the beginner. Topics covered are: getting familiar with your machine and general maintenance, selecting yarns, three cast-on edges and three cast-off methods, as well as hems, using waste yarn, increasing, decreasing and partial knitting techniques. 60 minutes.

VT602 Basic Ribber Techniques
This tape shows the beginner how to attach the ribber and basic alignments. You will learn 1x1 rib, 2x2 rib, full-needle rib, English and Fisherman's rib, as well as Circular and U-style knitting. Shaping techniques and adding ribbing to a neck edge also demonstrated. 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

VT603 Knit Leader Skills for Pattern Freedom
Takes the knitter from setting up the knit leader (charting device) through to garment finishing. You'll learn how to draw your own pattern, make and measure a tension swatch, and knit the garment
shape following the knit leader. You'll never have to read another pattern! 60 minutes

VT604 The Double Bed Color Changer
The double bed color changer is a great addition to your knitting machine. This tape shows you how to use this unique accessory to make double-knit fabric with no floats on multi-color patterns. You will also explore shaping techniques, as well as the cut and sew method. Great for the owners of either standard gauge or bulky machines. 60 minutes

VT605 Creative Designing for the KH930/940
This tape will show the KH930/940 owner how to fully utilize the machine's design and memory capability. IT also demonstrates the use of the disk drive and the PPD100. The pattern programming device lets you create your own patterns on a TV screen, printing and/or inputting them into the machine or disk drive. The possibilities are endless with this machine. 60 minutes

VT606 Advanced Ribber Techniques DVD with menu. Demonstrates how to use selvedge edges, create fabrics with tuck rib, cable and plaiting stitches, decorative bands and edges, full fashioned shaping methods and much more. 60 minutes

VT607 G-Carriage and Intarsia
Donna shows you in the In's and Out's of the Brother/Knitking Automatic Garter Carriage; including cast on, cast off, ribbing stitches, pattern work and garment shaping. Also includes several unique ways to use the garter bar such as: multiple decreases and increases, holding stitches, and decorative applications for multi-color and plaid patterns. Last, but not least, demonstrates intarsia knitting techniques, with the intarsia carriage or without, for difficult yarns, and in conjunction with the Knitleader. 60 minutes

VT608 Pattern Knitting Techniques DVD with menu -
This tape shows the knitter how to do slip stitch, tuck stitch, Fairisle knitting, thread lace, fine lace and plaiting patterns. It also covers weaving and garment shaping in pattern. These techniques are shown on both electronic and punchcard machines. 60 minutes

VT609 Garment shaping and Finishing
This video begins with instructions on measuring for the correct size. IT also demonstrates full fashioned neckline & shoulder shaping, buttonholes, and pockets. Seaming is done in several ways: by hand, with a linker, sewing machine and a serger. Swiss Darning (duplicate stitch) & crochet finishing are added. 60 minutes

VT610 Exploring Isolated Surface Weaving
Express the joy of working with colors and wonderful texture through the use of Isolated Surface Weaving on your garments. This weaving technique allows you to incorporate as many colors and varieties of yarn as you wish, yet you'll see it's easy and fun to do. You can now enjoy learning this method on video. You'll be inspired to use your own create abilities, as well as gain insight into the unique designs presented.

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