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Hand Tools & Kits For Knitting Machines
If it isn't listed please contact me to see if I do have what you need.

Pack of 4 card snaps, used to the end of your cards together or to add an extra card.
Retail - $3.10

Took Kit A - Comes with 1x1 needle pusher, 4 card snaps, 1x2 and 2x3 prong tools, latch tool, 4 blank cards & punch.
Retail - $44.00

Basic Tool kit consisting of 1x1 needle pusher, 1x1 & 2x3 transfser tools, latch tool and 4 card snaps.
Retail $ 21.00

Brass Colored Claw weights. This has 20 prongs and weighs 7.7 ounces. Handy where you need extra weight in your work. Retail $15.00

Small Claw weights. Weighs 3.9 ounces
Retail $5.00 each

Hand Punch with a built in Safety feature which makes it only punch if the guide pin is placed in a hole to punch. If the pin does not locate a hole it will not punch. I have always loved this style of punch. These are brand new in box with directions.
Retail - $24.00

Ravel Cord for Standard Gauge knitting machines. (although I have used mine on my bulky when not using the whole bed). 5 colors. Retail $7.50

1x1 needle pusher for standard gauge main bed. Retail - $4.00

Latch tool for standard gauge machines
Retail - $3.00

transfer tools for the standard gauge machines . Choice of 3 different ones (use drop down menu to order) Retail - $5.25 each


Sinker Plate for Brother Standard Gauge Knitting Machines. Fits: KH820, 830, 836, 840, 860, 864, 868, 881, 890, 891,910
Retail - $75.00

Double eye transfer needle - Retail - $2.50

Original Punch Card Package for Brother Knitting Machines. Package S. Consists of 20 cards including 4 lace cards.
Retail - $24.00