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Alles Hutchinson Books

To request a printed version there is a $5.00 printing fee plus postage. Email me for more information or an invoice.
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AH 10. Charting by The Magic Formula - By Alles Hutchinson. This book is for teaching yiou how to chart garments and it also has patterns to work with. This makes learning how to chart so much easier.

Contents are: The art of wearing knits, start at the beginning, personal measurement chart, US government size charts, language of machine knitters, get a system, making test swatches, measuring the swatch, summing it up, gathered skirt, authentic Mexican poncho, ease allowance, shaping, The Magic Formula, Magic formula adjustments, skirts, The stretch factor, the spread, four panel skirt, panel or gored skirt, two piece skirts, slim skirts with darts, double darts, straight skirt, short rows at lower edge, A line skirt with short rows, How to get a straight line, sideways circular skirt, tops, Unisex top with drop shoulder, armhole shaping, a basic shell, bust darts, necklines, back neck, types of necklines, jewel neck, Round neck, V neck, Square neck, armhole and neck variations, picking up arm and neck stitches, sleeves, set in sleeve, arithmetic hint, converison chart, the knit in sleeve, basic sweaters, fanny sweater, buttonhole spacing, raglan sleeve, raglan pullover, dolman sleeve, french or kimono sleeve, saddle shoulder, dresses, sheath, collars, turtleneck, straight, round, eton, mitered, mandarin, shawl, and sailor collar. Pants: square crotch pants, jiffy pants. Miscellaneous: Bikini swimsuit, circular shawl or afghan, beret or tam. Pockets: horizontal pockets, vertical, slanted, gathered. Socks, mittens, scarves and stoles. The use of color and much more. Retail $ 14.99

AH 11. The Christmas Stocking Story - There are 25 different patterns in this book. The patterns are for standard gauge, mid gauge and bulky gauge knitting machines. Also includes patterns for the passap and simulknit. The patterns are: basic stocking, stocking with a difference, stockings for all occasions, candy cane stockings, personalized with isolated designs, alphabet chart, stocking with back seam, snowflake stocking, weight watchers stocking, lined christmas stocking, simulknit stocking, passap stocking, passap stocking in HX.

Mini stockings for Standard gauge: garland of stockings, money sock, mini sock for the passap

Large Stockings for standard gauge: Giant Christmas stocking, seam as you go stocking, and laced stocking.

Stockings for Mid Gauge or bulky: basic stocking, lined stocking, Christmas stocking/skating sock, unusual christmas stocking, big christmas stocking. Alternate designs. Retail $14.99
AH 12. Piles Of Pillows - There are 32 pages of pillows. These make great gifts, are easy to make and you can use up those leftover yarns. This contains: for non-automatic machines: scrap pillow, square pillow, corded pillow, circular pillow, eight point pillow, five point diamond pillow, triangular pillow, garter bar pillow. For Automatic machines: prize winning tuck pillow, companion tuck pillow, neck or tuck pillow, fairisle pillow, Ruby's woven pillow, woven pillow, decorator pillows, large floor pillows, tulip pillow, punch pile pillow, passap throw pillows, election pillow, plaid pillow. Specialty pillows: woven frog pillow, football pillow, basketball pillow, baby pillow, baby bootee pillow, doll face pillow, personalized pillow, Christmas tree pillow adn decorator Xmas pillow. Retail $12.99 PURCHASE NOW
AH 13. The Afghan Book (over 40 afghan patterns) For Japanese machines and Passap. Contents: This is the famous Afghan Book written by Alles Hutchinson. This wonderful book has 44 different patterns for afghans for various machines. This also includes directions on how to make fringe, how to crochet around your afghans if you desire and more. The afghans are: Full Size Non-Automatic Afghans in Worsted Weight Afghan in Mock Hairpin Lace Almost true Hairpin Lace Jewel's Afghan Alles Easy Afghan Garter Bar Afghan Wild Rose Patchwork Afghan Three Dimensional Afghan Diamond Afghan Confetti Afghan Alles Concord Afghan in Semi-Jacquard Concord Afghan Simply Dazzling Round afghan Round Lap Afghan Square Lap Afghan Tuck Stitch Afghan Sally's Afghan (tuck stitch) Odd'N'Ends'N Ivy Leaf Blocks Ruth's Six Foot Round Afghan Fred's Fairisle Sampler Golden Wedding Lovely Lace Afghan Lace Blocks Masculine woven Afghan Afghan Medallions Carriage Robe for babies Round blanket for babies Hairpin lace baby blanket Freds Foolproof card for stole or baby blanket (tuck) Afghan blanket or shawl. Blanket in Fishermans rib Shawl or crib blanket Hierloom baby blanket Doubleknit blanket Elephant crib blanket Helen's favorite made on double bed Red, White & Blue afghan Afghan lovely Hairpin lace for doublebed Multi-colored afghan (for passap only) Unbelievable passap afghan You can use 99% of these on a standard punchcard machine such as Brother, Singer, Knitking, Studio. There are 17 patterns made with 4 ply yarn which can be used every other needle on your standard machines or every needle on your mid-gauge or bulky. There are 11 patterns made with fine or medium weight yarn. There are 10 patterns for babies or lap robes made on the standard, a couple require ribbers. Then there are 3 using a double bed and one for a passap strictly. Others can be used on a passap also, you just need to know your basic machine. Retail $15.00

AH 14. Understanding Your Ribber This is Understanding Your Ribber. This is a very indepth publication on using your ribber. 75 packed pages with lots of photos and/or sketches.

Contents include: Ribber vs doublebed ,Types of Ribbers ,Connected Ribber (positions, racking, close knit bar, importance of yarn weight), Cast on methods for 1x1 rib (basic cast on, double zigzag, racking cast on, old style cast on, single bed e wrap, double bed e wrap), Transferring stitches (one stitch at a time, four stitches at a time, from ribbing to stockinet, from stockinet to ribbing), Variations of 1x1 rib ( English rib, tuck on ribber, tuck on main bed, fishermans' rib, Swung english rib, checkerboard English rib, pick rib, swung pick rib, tuck rib), Ribs in 2x2, 3x3, etc (using different weights yarns, commercial rib for fine yarn),Full needle rib and variations (pin tuck, patterned full needle rib, punch tuck, punch pin tuck, racking patterns, raised zigzag, herringone swing), circular or tubular knit (open edge cast on, e wrap cast on, hems for circular knitting, crochet, tension hem, double hem, tubular casing), Half tubular or circular knit, Shaping, Binding off (cast off for fine needle rib, easiest cast off, little more difficult, two step cast off, back stitch bind off, sewn off bind off on machine, sewn off bind off off machine), correcting errors (picking up dropped stitches, carriage jams, ripping back rows),tension and gauge, pleats, smocked ribbing, sculptured knits, buttonholes (slip stitch, bound off buttonhole, simple single buttonhole, simple large buttonhole, buttonhole in fine needle rib, hand finished, machine finished, tubular buttonhole band),aran style knitting, turning cables with ribber, fringe, ribber adjustments (needle alignment, checking alignment, adjust brother/knitking, adjust Singer/Studio, if carriage locks on needles, if russel levers drop,special effects (simulknit, drive lace, procedure, automatic operation, design, yarn, tension, cast on, shaping, binding off, blocking), plating, shadow lace, ribber transfer carriage, punch pile, Double Jacquard (brother/knitking, singer/studio, J-1 carriage, color changer, semi-double jacquard, preparing the design), conclusion. Retail $17.99

AH 15. Techniques for Machine Knitting Part I - Creating the Knitted Fabric. 76 packed pages to help you with your knitting. This is a two part series. Part 1 deals with creating the fabric and Part 2 (listed separately) deals with creating the fabric. The contents of this wonderful book is: What's the Difference, Latch tool ribbing, Symbol chart
Cables, Lace or Pointelle, Tuck Lace, Stripes,
Plaids, Three color knitting, How to eliminate carrying strings, Intarsia, Bobbin knitting on passap included,
Creative use of punchcards, Understanding the studio electronic, Matching patterns at the seams, partial lace knittng, Computerized knitting, Punch Lace, Plating, weaving, Embroidery Knitting,

Double Bed Knitting:Punch pile, Pile on ANy machine,
Passap pile, Drive Lace, Drive Lace on Passap, Color Changer, Simulated Passap knitting, Short rows in double jacquard, Rib variations, Double Jacquard,
Punch card jacquard, Double knit fair aisle, Reversible fair isle, Jacquard double bed designs and Reverse one Versus knit alike. Retail Price $20.00
AH 16. Techniques for Machine Knitting Part II Creating the Knitted Fabric. This has 84 packed pages. The contents are:
1. Covering the Basics - Use of scrap yarn, the cast on rag, methods of casting on, ribber binds offs, mock ribbing, latch tool ribbing, the 100 x 100 swatch, reverse shaping, pre-planning your garment.
2. Investigating all types of hems - woven, quickie, heavy, invisible, automatic, flat, tension, picot, picot scallop, rolled, chain stitch, double knit, passap hem, A-line, decorative picot, mock scallops and upside down hem.
3. Explaining short rows - What it is, where to use it. In pattern, eyelets, afghan squares, in lace, in sleeve caps, heels and toes, dirty marks, in lace, automatic wrap, eyelets, petals, flower clusters, variations, the short rowed sleeves.
4. Necklines and collars - Continuous neck shaping, three easy neckline finishes, what if neck is too small, completing a V neck, V neck facing, Cabled V neck, cut out neckline, mock turtleneck, roturua neckband, pre-finished square neck, frills, ruffled scoop, V neck ruffle, double collar, double collar with front tab, partial knit collar, shawl collar.
5. Buttonhole bands and facings - Hung facings and variations, buttonhole band, plain band for fair aisle garment, V neck stockinette band, V neck facing, Double knit front band, 1x1 ribbed facing, figuring a buttonhole band, lengthening a garment with buttonholes, hints, buttonhole in mock rib, vertical grosgrain band, vertical machine knit band, bound buttonhole #1, bound buttonhole #2, bound buttonhole #3, buttonholes in ribbing, tubular band.
6. Sleeves - Sleeveless armhole finished, armhole ruffle in ribbing, sleeve frills, the kit in sleeve, the short row sleeve, sleeve finishes.
7. Waistbands and casings - mock rib casings, crochet casing, skirt or pants band.
8. Pockets - Knit in, invisible, pocket with flap, vertical pocket.
9. Seaming on and off the machine - Kitchener stitch, joining side edge to side, flat invisible seam, holfeld seam, seaming as you go, seaming on the machine, seaming on the sewing machine, shoulder seams, The neslon seam.
10. Trims and edgings - Ridge trim, worm knitting, butterfly trim, embroidered eyelets, basket weave, mock broomstick lace, machine edgings, lace edgings, cord trims, ric rac, butterfly trim, rope trim, cast on trim, braids, backwards crochet, machine crochet, garter bar trim, mock seed stitch, fur stitch, fringes.
11. Problem solving - Not enough yarn, different dye lots, knitting curling, wrong size, picking up stitches to crochet, edge loops, drooping knits, lace yoke, doubling up stitches, reusing yarn. Retail price $20.00
AH 17. How to Use the Calcuknit: This is Ragu Charting using the Knitting Calculator written by Alles Hutchinson. Reprinted from articles from News & Views. Republished by Country Knitting Of Maine. This is 36 pages of information to teach you exactly how to use your knitting calculator. The calcuknit allows you to chart garments, converts your measurements to actual stitches and rows and this book tells you how. Brother and Knitking sold these wonderful little item and there are alot of them just sitting there still not be used. This book will help you figure out how it works. This has a thorough explanation of the key pad and what all the keys are for, explanation of the different modes, how to trick the Ragu's brain, the missing mode, vital information for using the ragu, includes patterns fro square crotch pants, how to make a simple three panel skirt, explanation of the alarm function, how to chart a chanel jacket, charting a sideways skirt, charting a sideways top kimono sleeve, charting a sideways knit top with dolman sleeves.Very helpful book. Retail Price $15.00

AH 18. Knitting for All of My Children: 62 pages with wonderful patterns for many garments to fit infants to teens for all standard gauge knitting machines. Patterns include: infant christening set, lace baby sweater, easy baby nightgown, simple bootie, back zip baby parka, infant romper, quick an easy baby bunting, 4 pc heirloom baby boy set, lacy lined bonnet, infant tube hat, baby cap with ear flaps, newborn cap and shoes, roller brim bonnet, baby sweater w/shoulder placket, toddler's dress, hooded poncho, boatneck pullover, little girl's dress, sunsuit, boy's fisherman T shirt, square neck popover, personalized ski sweater, vests, Tami's birthday cape, flared skirt, butterfly sleeve dress, 4 panel skirt, pleated skating skirt, hooded sweatshirt w/kangaroo pockets, train cardigan, summer quickies tank top, boy's pullover, boy's aran pullover, snow bunny hood, big bird hat, Raggedy Ann socks, slipper socks, monster mittens, circular baby blanket, child's crib cover, school bag, tooth fairy money pillow, widget pillow/toy/pj bag, doll face pillow/pj bag and much more. Retail $14.99 PURCHASE NOW
AH 19. Knitting From Head To Toe: A selection of 47 patterns for hats, gloves, mittens, socks, slippers, purses and much more. 58 packed pages. Patterns Include: Envelope hat, visored cap, visored cap in 4 ply, double visored cap, two way hat for ladies, wide brimmed hat w/punch lace crown, favorite cap, sock hat with a twist, warm cap for doublebed, adult sock cap, hiarpin lace beret, adult toboggan cap, sport weight cap, warm stocking cap, adult flat top ski hat, German ski hood, skit mask, swirl hat w/shoulder extension, name hats for doublebed, name hats for single bed, mohair scarf & cap set, easy patterned scarf & hat, ladies woven hat & scarf, double jacquard hat, scarf & mittens, up & over mittens, double mittens, one piece mittens, Men's gloves for single bed, gloves for doublebed, double bootie, ballet type slippers, ladies slipper, woman's seamless slipper, adult TV socks, boot slippers w/cuff, crazy knee-length socks, mens hunting socks, golf socks, circular tube socks, slipper socks, nose mitten, lightweight turtleneck dickey, heavy dickey, bias knit shawl, tote bag, and beginners purse. Retail $14.99 PURCHASE NOW
AH 20. Hints & More Hints: This one is full of hints to make your knitting machine run smoothly. This has 580 hints in it. 72 packed pages. This includes hints on the following: Tension, gauge, swatches, Casting on (automatic method, manual, miscellaneous) binding off , scrap yarn increasing, decreasing, short rows, hems (hints to keep hems flat, hems with 4 ply yarn, when hem is knit in last, picot hems, misc) waistbands, (to reduce the bulk, to firm up the waistline, for skirts with wrong side facing you etc)facings, buttonholes, creases, beginner's luck (poem)necklines, armholes (to make them better fitting, etc)proper fitting and measurements, seaming, finishing, ribber use, yarns, how to identify, what tension to use with certain yarns, washing knits, care of the knitting machine, knitting aids, lighting, yarn tension, needles, weights, tools, etc, accessories, problems,filing patterns, stitch patterns, punch cards, Passap, afghans, trims, cables, miscellaneous. This will answer many questions for you. Wonderful book. there are quite a few items for each catagory and much much more then is listed above. You will find this book very helpful. A beginners delight as well. Retail price of $15.00 PURCHASE NOW
AH 21. Afghans and Baby Blankets: This is Afghans & Baby Blankets. Complied by Alles Hutchinson and published by Linda Williams. This pattern book contains 49 patterns for Singer/Studio, Brother/Knitking, and Passap knitting machines. This includes the following patterns:
For non automatic Afghans in 4 ply yarn:

Beginners Afghan , Over Size Afghan , Hopes five panel ,Fluffy's afghan, Irene's Blocks, Ripple Stitch, Lined, Afghan in mock butterfly stitch, Fran's, Diamond Afghan & pillow, Diamond Afghan, Geometric, Pouf Aghan, Almost Automatic, Making Waves, Poinsettia, For Lightweight Afghans, Quilt Squares, Lap Afghan, Wheelchair afghan with pocket, Diamond ripple for charting attachments, Bias knit ripple, Instant afghan, Partiotic Circular, Treasure Chest.

Afghans for Ribber & Double Bed:

Fairisle Panel Bedspread - Passap, Ruffled Bedspread - Japanese machines, Afghan lovely (for Passap & one for Japanese), Dreda's ripple for electronics, Ripple afghan for passap, Drive Lace, Four Passap Afghans, Dresden Plate afghan .
Baby Blankets for Single and double bed:
Simple baby blanket, easy baby afghan, Baby lap pillow, Puff Crib Blanket, Juvenile Blanket, Woven baby blanket, baby blanket for the G carriage, 2 color blanket using G carriage, infant carrier blanket, bunting baby blanket, lap robe or baby blanket, Waffle fairaisle blanket, Reversible baby blanket, Easy Jacquard Blanket, Baby blanket with name, baby afghan for passap.
Wonderful assortment. I have another Afghan book listed also and none of the patterns are repeated from the other book. Retail Price of $15.00
AH 22. Learn to Use the Garter bar: Learn how to properly use your garter bar. Directions and patterns included. Contents are: Introduction, Let's get acquainted, learning how to handle the garter bar, turning (reversing) stitches, a newer method, the garter bar hem, multiple increasing and decreasing, working with fine yarns, seaming shoulders, seaming sleeves, mock rib cuffs, picot edge or eyelet row, intricate lace patterns, cable stitches, skirt darts, V neckband, partial knitting, garter pleats, reversible, godet Insert 1 & 2, knife pleat, embroidery knitting, transferrring ribber stitches. Includes patterns for the following: garter bar sweater, swirl cap, ripple scarf, rolled brim hat, garter ridge hat, reversible cape/bedjacket, garter bar pillow, two piece baby set, lace baby blanket, bootie, blanket or afghan and infant carrier blanket. Retail $14.99

AH 23. Commercial Neckband: this includes directions on how to make cut and sew neckbands such as the Rotorua Neckband (from New Zealand). There is a plain version, an Australian version. Basic cut and sew. Simplier method. For Japanese machines with ribber. Commercial neckband for G carriage. Hand sewn method and more. $6.00 PURCHASE NOW
AH 24. Full Fashion Decorative Raglan Seams: Directions on how to do several easy & decorative raglan seams, simple full fashion, hidden or tucked under decrease, accented, French raglan, raglan slant stitch, draw stitch, cable decrease, cable trim. Decreases for upside down & more. $4.00

AH 25. The Automatic Linker Instructions: ( By Linda Williams & Alles Hutchinson) :This is brand new. 18 pages. This booklet has information on how to use the automatic linkers such as the Brother/Knitking KA8210 and the Singer/Studio SC-3. This explains how it operates, problems you may encounter, automatic bind off directions, how to bind off using every other needle, how to bind off using pattern stitches, how to link off when using specialty yarns, binding off areas of stitches, joining garments, how to join garments using different methods, how to adjust the prong mechanism, includes many pictures and much more. Retail $5.99 PURCHASE NOW
AH 26. Your Charting Attachment: This is to show you how to use your charting attachment (ie. Knitleader, knit radar, knit contour etc). This takes you through the beginning to end of using it. Shows how to do armholes, assorted sleeves, necklines, shoulders, darts, skirts, pants, dresses, assorted collars, pockets, hooded cape, spacing buttonholes, bias knitting, reducing patterns to half scale, using half scale on full scale charters, using written patterns and so much more. 81 packed pages. Retail $17.99 PURCHASE NOW
AH 27. Money makers 1& 2 Combined: This is Money Makers 1 & 2 combined. Written by Alles Hutchinson, published and owned by Country Knitting Of Maine. This is loaded with wonderful items. 100 Assorted items for you to choose from. Something for everyone.
The contents include:
HATS, CAPS AND SCARVES: striped stocking cap, warm double cap, stocking cap in sport yarn, Sabrina's ringlet hat, small childs sock cap, childs pixie hat, ladies lacy sock cap, Pat's hat, Easy ski hat, Beret adn scarf sets, Lightweight scarf, 4 ply scarf, Mans' sock cap and scarf, ladies hat and scarf set, sailor's watch cap, Babushka cap, and ladies lacy scarf.
MITTENS & GLOVES: Ladies long mittens, basic mitten, free-finger mitten, puppet mitten, The lover's mitt, easy mitten for men and women, infants mittens, 4 ply gloves, man's hunting mitten, knitwristlets.
SOCKS & SLIPPERS: ladies golf socks, rolledback golf socks, boot or dorm socks, TV slippers with soles, passap slippers, shroud slippers, patterned slipperette, easy ribber slipper, easy hunting sock, stockings for family and easy TV slipper.
SHAWLS AND STOLES: featherlight stole, lightweight stole, lacy stole, bed jacket, reversible shawl, cape stole and short row shawl.
PONCHOS AND CAPES: 4 square poncho, turtleneck poncho, short row poncho, teen poncho, short row poncho and cape with armhole slits.
BABY ITEMS: Thumbless mittens, leggings, booties, cable cardigan, baby dress, butterfly baby set, shrink, rompers, baby sacque and pants, double breasted sweater and rosebud baby sweater.
TOYS: baby ball, snake, buster brown and tuffy tiger, raggedy ann doll, dressf or Barbie doll and sleeping cat.
BAZAAR AND BOUTIQUE: frog bean bag, 4x4 bean bag, dice cubes, lucky sock charms, slipper pincushion, golf club covers, putter cover, pupper potholder, scarf holder, lapel ornaments, travel shoe bag, eyeglass case, wooden hanger covers, mermaid pajama bag, bra/bloomer dishcloth set, baby dishcloth set, hand bags, idea fringe, Helen's bookworm, Santa plaque, cookie plate cover, christmas boot, chicken, Santa's chimney boot, Christmas stocking, Santa Claus and Fran's afghan. Retail price of $14.99

AH 28. Money makers 3 & 4 combined: This is Moneymakers 3 & 4 combined. 106 wonderful assorted patterns with a variety for all machines. Written by Alles Hutchinson and now published by Country Knitting Of Maine.
The contents are:
INFANT'S & CHILDREN: Dencies baby bunting, Koleta's bunting and suit, Charlene's bunting, Ruby's baby dress, Four piece baby set, sideways knit sweater, basic baby sweater, easy sweater for passap, three piece baby set, pixie baby bonnet, earflap hat, no-sew bootie, square toe bootie, ribber bootie, Kitty's baby bootie, reversible crib blanket, Mrtle's baby shawl, baby blanket/lap robe, passap baby blanket, large diaper bag, bottle cover, bootie lapel pin, shawl collared sweater, varsity sweater, hooded snow sweater.
SLIPPERS & SOCKS: Vinyl sole woven slippers, the mattress stitch, bulky lined slippers, nylon stretch slippers, cone yarn board, easy double slipper, T-shaped slipper, leg warmer/boot topper, pixie slippers, contour knee warmer, mens socks, spiral hunting sock, adult slipper.
HATS & SCARVES: Childs tam, jelly bean bag hat, skunk hat, hem for heavy yarn, childs doublebed hat, reversible hat, matching scarf, garter bar hat, versatile hat, navy hat, Italian flag hat, racing hat, ski hat/seamed top, jelly bean wrap hat, no-seam muffler with hood, double jacquard scarf, the endless scarf, sport collar.
MISCELLANEOUS ADULTS: curved lace stole, second prize stole, butterfly cape, ribber stole, lace shawl, stole with pockets, Bean's circular poncho, ring around the cozy, school team vests, women's coat sweater, poncho skirt, long evening skirt, easy tabard, undershirts, wedding party, man's gold sweater.
HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: woven pillow top, sofa pillow, triangle pillow, lace edgings for linens, automatic afghan, Passap afghan, brown and white afghan, football robe, double jacquard placemats, four piece powder room set, shell trim tissue dispenser, pot holder, dish cloths, flower pot hanger.
BOUTIQUE & HOLIDAY KNITS: Elegant evening bag, bingo chip container, toe sock for cast, sachet pincushion, hanger cover, apple pincushion, pompom flowers, Xmas tree skirt, Christmas socks, tubular Christmas sock, snowman, Christmas hot pad.
TOYS: Raggedy Anne and Andy, gingerbread man, clown doll, red riding hood with wolf doll, topo gogio and Gina mice, boy sock doll, Barbi doll poncho, barbi's wardrobe.
Wonderful assortment. This book will keep you busy for awhile. Retail Price $14.99

AH 29. How to Do Shadow Pleating: this is such an easy technique and capable of producing a very rewarding appearance that causes people to ask you how you did it. Directions for a skirt, a vest, purse, shadow pleating on your bulky with vest pattern. Retail $4.00 PURCHASE NOW
AH 30. How to do Plating: Shows the location and threading of plating feeders for Singer, Studio, Brother, Knitking, & Toyota. Alternate methods for non-plating machines. Unusual effects such as shadow tuck patterns, plated lace patterns, reversible color knitting on Brother. Double bed plating. Retail $4.00 PURCHASE NOW
AH 31. Mock Or Short Row Intarsia: 37 pages with ten lessons included. Such as: Introduction, basic vest pattern and pillow pattern, V shaped designs, zigzags, diamonds, uneven slanted designs, duplicate stitch & embroidery, circles and spots, two color cables, mountain scene, sailboat scene & more. Retail $9.99 PURCHASE NOW
AH 32. Generic 4 ply raglans: Generic 4 Ply -This is Generic 4 Ply Raglans for Beginners by Alles Hutchinson. Wonderful book for beginners. In 21 sizes from 6 months through size 50. This is called generic because these patterns can be used on ANY knitting machine which can obtain the gauge of 5 sts and 7 rows = 1". You can obtain this every other needle on your standard gauge machines also, depending on the yarn that you use. You can make 5 styles from these patterns. Round neck pullover with mock turtleneck, V neck pullover, Round neck pullover with crew neck, V neck cardigan and round neck cardigan. patterns are basic and drawings show suggestions. There are six pages of general information which you will find most helpful. It explains how to use these on your standard machine also, stitch gauge, preparing the yarn, making tension adjustments, not enough needles, why the ribber is essential, buttonholes, seaming, seam stitch for ribbing, using scrap yarn, pattern variations, sizing, raglan shaping including how to short row your raglan shaping. Wonderful book. Retail Price $10.00 PURCHASE NOW
AH 33.Profitable hobby of Machine Knitting-Lots of information on how to make money with your knitting machine. Retail $10.99 PURCHASE NOW
AH 34. Machine Knitters Workbook - Learn By Knitting Swatches. With instructions for simple learning by doing swatches plus practical knitting hints. This book was compiled and written for beginners. Using the simplified method of construction the knitter is learning new techniques and at the same time gaining confidence in the use of your machine. Each lesson is made up in a sample swatch and retained for future reference. The directions were written to be used with fingering weight yarn with an approx. gauge of 8 sts & 12 rows =1. 54 packed pages.
Getting Started:
Equipment, preparation, yarn facts
Casting on: e wrap, latch tool permanent edge, figure 8 permanent edge, winding on, slip stitch permanent edge, automatic woven, manual woven, open edge cast on with comb, open edge with ravel cord, open edge with scrap yarn.
Binding off: Dropping off stitches, taking off on a yarn strand, casting off, transfer stitch bind off, double transfer stitch bind off, latch tool bind off, binding off with a tapestry needle, with a linker, multiple bind off.
Decreases: edge decrease, straight line, full fashioned, decorative, prominent, multiple, multiple with the lace carriage
Increases: edge, eyelet, full fashioned, multiple, increasing all on one side.
Hints for better knitting: Mark a needle, mark a stitch, mark a row, knots, ripping, dropped stitches, an unravelled dropped stitch, correcting a dropped stitch later.
gauge and tension: how to make and measure a swatch
Hems: Plain, picot, graduated tension, mock rib, backwards hem, mitered corner, hem on the purl side, doublebed, mock ribbing.
Short rows: How and where, shoulder shaping, front band, shaping toe or heel, lower edge shaping, back of a cardigan, open bust dart.
Darts: open bust dart, closed skirt dart, open skirt dart.
Pockets: knit in, pocket flap, patch pocket.
Sleeves: knit in set in sleeve, short row set in sleeve, knit in raglan A, knit in Raglan B.
Sleeveless armhole finishes: Ribbed rolled edge, pickup sts around armhole, Bias tape/stretch lace.
Necklines: Round neck - short rowed, round neck -conventional decrease, Vneck, collar for V neck, boat neck, square neck.
Buttonholes: Yarn over, bound, turn back, beginners buttonhole, vertical buttonhole, sideways, how to space buttonholes.
Scallops: true scallops, mock scallops
Cables: How to make them easy.
Trims: quick bias, machine faggotting, butterfly edging, fringe A, fringe B, cord knitting, flat cord.
Using the ribber: bed positions, pitch, casting on, cast on with racking, cast on with permanent edge, chain cast on, binding off, cast on bound off edge, slip stitch bind, weights.
Seaming by machine: latch tool seam of 2 open edges, Nelson seam, seam as you go, lengthwise seams.
Seaming by hand: Mattress stitch, woven seam, kitchener stitch (grafting),Latched off seam, mock hairpin lace, backstitch, hemming/whipping, seaming stitches to rows.
Crocheting: single crochet, crab stitch (backwards crochet)
Symbol chart
The care & cleaning of your machine.

Retail $18.99

AH35 - Golf Club Covers

This is a pattern to knit a set of Golf Club Covers for your favorite golfer. These directions use a sport weight yarn and were knit with Tamm Trenzi. Tamm Sport 7 also gives the same gauge of 7 stitches and 10 rows = one inch. Easy to follow instructions. These were created on a standard gauge knitting machine. Great way to use up those odd balls of yarn. Number charts included to add to your blank punch cards or enter into your electronic knitting machine

A pdf download will be emailed to you directdly from me after purchase. $7.00 for download
Click on the link below to purchase Golf Club Covers pattern and I will email you a pdf download.