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Country Knitting Of Maine News & Views
2017 Hat Contest Winners
We Received 1300 Hats This Year!

News & Views Volume 2017 Hat Contest Winners

A. Over All Judges Favorite Winner: Ruth Kurz

H. The Most Colors In One Hat Winner: Linda White

B. Most Unique Hat Winner: Lynn Acquard

I. Favorite Infant Hat Winner: Ruth Kurz

C. Most Creative Use of Colors Winner: Gina Gundel

J. Random Drawing Winner: Vivienne Fagan

D. Favorite Men's Hat Winner Nancy Dionne

J. Random Drawing Winner: Linda Hebert

E. Favorite Ladies Hat Winner: Rita McElroy

K. Random Drawing Winner: Patricia Schwab

F. Favorite Toddler Hat Winner: Lynn Acquard

K. Random Drawing Winner: Jackie Reardon

G. Favorite Style Winner: Joanne Smith