Country Knitting of Maine 2015 Hat Contest Join us in our "Let's Keep Maine Warm Compaign"

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2015 Hat Contest Winners
Here are the Winners of our 2015 hat contest! Congratulations and Thank You!
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A. Six month subscription to Knit It Now from Sue Jalowiec

Over All Judges Favorite by Rita McElroy

B. 10 pound box of yarn from Peter Patchis -

Most Unique Technique by Lyn Acquard

C. 1 years subscription to Knitters Edge From Linda Busby-

Creative Use of Colors by Rita McElroy

D. A year’s subscription of Country Knitting of Maine News & Views -

Favorite Men's Hat by Rebecca Townsend

E. A Pattern Book by Eileen Montgomery Mittens & Socks -

Favorite Ladies Hat by Kathy Armstrong

F. A Pattern Book by Cindy Schmatz

Favorite Toddler Hat by Jackie Reardon

G. Pattern by Maggie Andrews -

Most Different Hat by Linda Bushby

H. Pattern Donated by Jo Newton -

Most Different Hat By Linda Bushby

I. Pattern Book from Country Knitting of Maine

The Most Colors In One Hat by JoAnn Smith

J. Pattern Book By Country Knitting of Maine

Favorite Infant Hat by Linda Bushby

Kathryn Doubrley will also donate a downloadable pattern book of your choice to every person that donates 100 hats -

Winners are:
1. JoAnn Smith
2. Ruth Kurz
3. Rita McElroy
4. Linda Hebert
5. Barbara Galvin
6. Laurie Duncan
7. Rebecca Townsend
8. Gina Gundel

Dorothy & Bernie Rosman of Custom Knits will donate an issue of Machine Knit Monthly to two contestants whom send 100 hats each. The 100 hat knitters names will be put into a hat and drawn for the two prize winners.

Winners are:
Kathryn Doubrley
Gina Gundel

Pattern book from Country Knitting Of Maine for five winners to be drawn from non specified category winners.

Winners are:
1. Sandy Vardell
2. Nina Banks
3. Mona Dutch
4. Pia Given
5. Elsa Traynor

Prize Donated by Jagger Yarns of Maine in random drawing of all participants goes to:
Ruth Kurz - They donated a tote bag with skeins of wool

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