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Country Knitting Of Maine News & Views
2017 through 2018 Volume #12 Issues # 1 through 6
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News & Views Volume

News & Views Volume 12 Issue #1
September/October 2017

Page 2 - Colored Pictures
Page 3 - Introduction
Page 4 - Contents page
Page 5 - The Information Page
Page 6/7 - 2017 Hat Contest

Page 8/10 - Aquamarine Waterfall Cardi
By: Ann Huppert
Standard gauge/sizes S,M,L & XL

Page 12/13 - Summer Fun Girlsí Halter Top
By: Kathryn Doubrley
Mid gauge/Bulky
Chest Sizes: 23, 24, 25.6, 26.8

Page 13 - Rocket Ship Eyelet Chart
By: Jane Radatz
Page 14 - Rocking Horse Eyelet Chart
By: Jane Radatz
Page 15 - Sailboat Eyelet Chart
B y: Jane Radatz

Page 16/18 - P.S. Blouse
By: Kathryn Doubrley
Standard gauge
Sizes 37.3, 40, 42.7, 45.3, 48

Page 19/20: Pinwheel Dishcloth
By: Kathryn Doubrley
Bulky machine

Page 20/21 - Sponge Bar Sorrows
By: Kathryn Doubrley

Page 22/23 - Spring Shrug Cocoon
By: Ann Huppert
Any machine
Sizes: S/M, L/XL, 1/2X

Page 24/27: Posh Polo Shirts
By: Kathryn Doubrley
Standard gauge

Page 28/30: Love Dogs
By: Jo Newton
For Standard punch card & Electronic

Page 31/32: Lammily Doll Clothes - Shorts
By: Kathryn Doubrley
Standard Gauge Machine

Page 33/35 - LK150 Fairaisle
By: Eileen Montgomery

Page 36 - Automatic Wrap Zigzag Afghan
By: Marcia Hauser
Standard Gauge machine

Page 37/39 - Ruffley Baby Blouse
By: Kathryn Doubrley

Standard Gauge or Passap
Page 40 - Book Reviews By Nina Banks
Page 41 - Club Meetings & Seminars
Page 42/48 - Advertisements.

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Aquamarine Waterfall Cardi

Summer Fun Girls halter Top

Summer Fun Girls Halter Top Back

Pinwheel Dishcloth

P.S. Blouse

Spring Shrug Cocoon

Posh Polo Shirts

I Love my Dog For Electronic Machines

I love My Dog for Punch cards

Lammily Doll Clothes

LK150 Fairaisle knitting

LK150 Fairaisle Knitting

News & Views Volume 12 Issue #2
November/December 2017


Page 2 - Colored Pictures of contents
Page 3 - Introduction
Page 4 - Contents
Page 5 - The Information Page
Page 6/7 - 2017 Hat Contest

Page 8/9 - Sassy Stripes Hat
By: Kathryn Doubrley
For all machines
Page 10/12 - Eyelet Charts By: Jane Radar

Page 13/14 - Better Then New!
Enjoying Vintage Machines
By: Kathryn Doubrley

Page 14 - Slip Stitch-Different Functions
By: Sue Cole

Page 15/17 - Newborn Overall Shorts
By: Patty Schwab
Standard gauge Machine

Page 18/20 - Catís Meow Pillow
By: Kathryn Doubrley
For All Machines

Page 21/22 - Writing a Pattern from a Schematic
By: Ann Huppert

Page 23/26 - Posh Polo Shirts - Single Bed
By: Kathryn Doubrley

Page 27 - Punch Cards & Mylar Sheets By: Sue Cole

Page 28/29 - Making Your Own Motif By: Sue Cole

Page 30/31 - 2x3 Gathered Scalloped Rib
By: Marge Parker
For any machine

Page 32/34 - Lammily Doll Clothes-Merry Spring Vest - By: Kathryn Doubrley

Page 35 - Book Reviews by Nina Banks

Page 36/37 - Crescent Scarf
By Kathryn Doubrley - Mid gauge or Bulky

Page 38 - Tea Cozy Baby Hat
By Maxine French
Bulky Machine

Page 39/40 - Cables By Eileen Montgomery

Page 40 - Using Decorative Buttons
By: Eileen Montgomery

Page 41 - Clubs & Seminars
Page 42 - Where Is Peanut?
Page 43-48 - Advertising

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